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Osotua Luxury Resort team eagerly awaits to host and organise your excursions taking care of each and every necessary detail. We commit to match your taste. Explore Naivasha with us!


Boat Ride Safari

Lake Naivasha Boat ride is an exciting yet relaxing safari experience with plenty of interesting sights to enjoy, you spot Hippos and watch a wide varierty of Bird species. You can also enjoy a picnic at Crecent Island which is an animal sanctuary in the middle of the lake. Lake itself is remarkably picturesque, set against a purple backdrop of the Eburru volcanic mountain range.



Hell’s Gate National Park

The park’s breathtaking environment, which includes towering cliffs, water-gouged gorges, stark rock towers, scrub-clad volcanoes, and spewing plumes of geothermal steam, makes it one of the most atmospheric parks in Africa. Enjoy bike rides or game drives there. Numerous species of wildlife, including the Big 5, can be found in the park. The uncommon lammergeyer vultures have historically made the park an important breeding ground.



Visit to Creator Lake Park

A day excursion to Naivasha’s green volcanic creator lake will provide you with an unmatched sense of tranquillity and peace that you won’t find anywhere else. Located in a sizable volcanic crater to the west of Lake Naivasha. There is a large variety of species, such as giraffes, zebras, colobus monkeys, impala antelopes, and Thompson’s gazelles. You could be fortunate enough to see the elusive leopards, but you’ll never miss the buffalos.



Iconic Geothermal Spa

Olkaria geothermal hot spa is the largest of its kind on the African continent. located at the centre of Hell’s Gate National Park.
The water that flows into the geothermal spa is entirely natural and rich with natural minerals. You will not only experince a relaxing, refreshing moment but also get health benefits from the hot natural waters.